Catalyst's LEED Platinum San Luis National Wildlife Refuge Featured in Architectural Products Green/Sustainable Special Issue

APRIL 2, 2014
Catalyst's LEED Platinum, net-zero energy San Luis National Wildlife Refuge is currently featured in Architectural Products Green/ Sustainable Special Issue.

"For Catalyst Architecture, the PV-integrated metal roof of the complex is multi-representational; an homage to the wings of a bird in flight; a natural material in tune with the spirit of the center; and a building element that generates pollution-free power from the sun.

Attaching solar panels to a roof often means penetrating the roof to install brackets that hold the panels. Any type of roof penetration increases the risk of leaking." says Christian Nolte, marketing and sales vice president for Metal Sales Manufacturing Corp. in Louisville, KY. With the S-5! mounting system, there is no need to penetrate the roof, as our solar panel brackets are attached to the ribs of the metal panels with a clamping system."

Click here to view the Special Issue on Products for Green/Sustainable Facilitties

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